Non-Foods Division

Non-Foods Principals in Food Service

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals:



Chicopee provides unrivaled expertise in wiping applications and industry-leading technology that delivers high quality products with enhanced characteristics, such as a superior absorbency, strength, durability and softness. They specialize in finished wipes for foodservice, industrial, healthcare and general purpose applications.

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EcoSafe Zero Waste

EcoSafe Zero Waste- waste management experts for zero waste – suppliers of recycle and compost bins and compostable bags

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Fi-Fo Dot Enterprises


Bin Breeze-all-natural and non-toxic indoor composting powder-neutralizes odours, soaks up moisture, eliminates fruit flies & makes great soil.

Pan Saver Pan Liners- for baking trays, steam tables, soup tourines. PanSaver liners retain moisture and flavour, no scorching or burning and saves time and money on cleaning.

Stock Rotation Label system.  A full & comprehensive system that can be used in a variety of ways to ensure the product is not kept beyond its shelf life.

First Aid and Safety kits –   First aid supplies – an assortment of quality first aid kits all meeting the standards set by the Workers Compensation Board and provincial regulations.

Flexographic Plates and Manufacturing of Label Design

Funtastic -Toy Chests and kids program development.


Sabert Packaging

Sabert has over 30 years in of food packaging products & solutions. Sabert designs, manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for food distributors, restaurants & caterers, grocery stores, national food chains and consumer entertaining.