Our Story


FAMILY – Our culture is built on our family heritage based on loyalty, support and care.

ETHICAL – We are honest and work with integrity.

COMMUNITY – We endeavour to actively support our communities locally and abroad.

RESPECT – We honour the rights and beliefs of all. We treat people as we would like to be treated.

RESPONSIBILITY – We are accountable for our performance in all our decisions and actions.

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE – We strive to be the best.


Founded in 1969 by Mike and Shirley Driscoll, IPS is proud to be the first food brokerage that set out to specialize in, and promote food products and their principals to the food service industry. Sixteen years ago we expanded our coverage and expertise to the grocery retail sector.

As a second-generation family enterprise, our legacy is one of family values and social responsibility. We believe that what is always on-trend, is to remain loyal to the people & core values that embodied our first fifty years of success.

Today, we maintain our bullish perspective on this industry - with strength, optimism, aggressiveness, stability and leadership. As we look forward, we embrace exciting change and continue to challenge the possibilities.