Laura Driscoll

Laura Driscoll


As Chief Operating Officer, Laura is at the pinnacle of her 30 plus year career with International Pacific Sales.  Laura’s passion for IPS is instilled in her approach to the business, continuing the success and legacy of the company founders, Michael and Shirley Driscoll.  Since starting work at industry trade shows at the age of 13, Laura has never looked back.  Her brokerage career officially began 1983 as a full-time customer service representative and continued following a move into the sales division.  After several years, Laura was promoted to Sales Management.  Over the years, Laura has held many positions, including General Manager, Vice President, and President.  Since her humble beginnings with the company, Laura has steadfastly devoted herself to her career in the food industry.  Her commitment and natural leadership are reflected daily in the continued growth of the company.  Laura has built a culture of loyalty within the company, and she has surrounded herself with a management team who are equally hardworking and dedicated to their profession.

Keeping the company fresh, cutting edge, competitive and the leader in the industry, while honouring IPS’s history and her parent’s legacy, is what drives her every day. She is a staunch supporter of the charitable work and community giving that her parents began so long ago.

Laura’s passion away from work is family, friends, and golf.