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Principals | Non-Foods Division

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals:


Eco Burner

  • Eco Burner Chafo have a very consistent burn, which control the temperature easily to maintain food quality.
  • Zero Waste - the EcoBurner Chafo will reduce your fuel waste to zero while providing more heat at a lower cost.
  • Safety first- The Eco Burner Chafo features an over-temperature shut off valve, and an overturn shut off mechanism to ensure the highest levels of safety.
  • The body of the EcoBurner Chafo remains cool to the touch both during and after service and they are refillable

EcoSafe® Zero Waste

EcoSafe® Zero Waste has been a leader in the Zero Waste and Compostable Plastic for over 14 years. They offer a full product line designed to provide everything needed to establish a successful Zero Waste Program. Including EcoSafe Compostable Bags and Waste Bins.


Fi-Fo Dot Enterprises

Stock Rotation Label system. A full & comprehensive system that can be used in a variety of ways to ensure product is not kept beyond its shelf life. This system can improve food safety practices and can be easily managed by staff. This will minimize risk and reduce unnecessary waste. First Aid and Safety kits – First aid supplies – an assortment of quality first aid kits all meeting the standards set by the Workers compensation Board and provincial regulations. Other first aid supplies include burn creams, eye wash stations and saline solutions. We also sell the very popular blue, metal detectable, adhesive strips. This unique “band- aid like” product will stand out visually and will be seen before it shows up in places it shouldn’t. Flexographic Plates and Manufacturing of Label Design FIFO Bottles- come with wide openings on both ends. This unique bottle dispenses from the bottom through a non- drip silicone valve and fills at the top by removing the label cap. Bottles come in 5 sizes and variety of dispensing caps to suit sauce viscosity and food particulates.

PanSavers Pan Liners-for baking trays, steam tables, soup tourines.  PanSaver liners retain moisture and flavour, no scorching or burning and save time and money on cleaning.



Sabert has over 30 years in food packaging products and solutions. Sabert designs, manufacturers and distributes a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for food distributors, restaurants & caterer, grocery stores, national food chains and consumer entertaining.


3M Canada Company

We offer a variety of quality Scotch-Brite products such as: Scouring and multi purpose cleaning pads, griddle cleaning system, 3M stainless steel cleaners and polishes, sponges, shortening monitor strips, sanitizing hand cream.